Welcome to Phoenix

We create experiences

Phoenix Enterprise is a rising marketing company launched in August 2019, focused on innovative and outstanding live events through branding and marketing experiences.


Our main aim is towards transforming the marketing sector by offering our clients extensive strategies that generate quality customer acquisition, brand awareness and increased revenue.


We aspire to brand and grow our client in whichever sector they wish to enter, domestically or internationally.

We develop brands

Marketing Methods

We apply live marketing because it helps target specific customers to deliver personalized messages on behalf of the client.


Our clients range from well-known brands to non profit organizations and startup companies with the aim to create a path to a secure market.


About Us

We are a diverse marketing company with the aim of transforming the marketing sector by offering our clients extensive live consumer marketing strategies that helps generate quality customer acquisition, brand awareness and revenue.


Live Marketing

Knowing the traits of consumers allows us to focus our marketing on people who are likely to become customers. A benefit of knowing which consumers are apt to respond is that we can optimize our clients marketing budget and save money on marketing methods that could prove ineffective for our clients.


Company Culture

We have a fun and upbeat environment which is centered around teamwork; however, each individual has the autonomy to voice their opinions and express their talents. Our work is creative, since we get quick results for the client which makes us more valuable when compared to any other marketing and sales company.

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Why Choose Us?

At Phoenix, anyone can integrate themselves into our exciting environment. We believe that a happy employee leads to an awesome rapport with our customers and clients.  The rapid and organic growth we provide to our employees sets us apart from other companies.  As our employees develop, so does our client base.

Why we’re awesome

Our clients love us

The clients we are working with want to ensure that we are keeping up with their projected growth. This is going to make the difference between whether or not we can take on further clients that are still waiting to use our services.

Our goals

Our vision is to continue augmenting our clients’ customer base and growing our team in the next year, to open up 20 more locations domestically in the next two years and to expand internationally in the next five years.