Where do your consultations/meetings take place?

The meetings take place at the location of the customer. That’s the great part about our method of marketing, the customer doesn’t come to us, we go to the customer.

How are the customers acquired at Phoenix Enterprise?

As a company, Phoenix is specifically outsourced to do deals with customer acquisitions, and we do all our consultations face-to-face. We make sure we keep our existing customers happy and their needs are fulfilled.

Are there set paths for employees?

When our CEO started the company, she understood that for us to grow as quickly as possible there must be a clear systematic path on how to move forward. We designed a management training program which helps promote people quickly from entry level to upper management.

Why is your form of marketing more effective than others?

The main reason why we apply live marketing is because it helps our client segment and target specific customers to deliver personalized messages. Knowing the traits of consumers allows us to focus our marketing on people who are likely to become customers.

How long does it take to become part of the management team?

We have a rapid growth program because of client demand. We provide the one thing that every business will always need, new customers.  As a result of this, we have a high demand for management to sustain the level of growth required to keep our clients happy.

Running late? Can’t find the building?

We totally understand that sometimes these things happen, we are always free on the phone to help and happy to still proceed with the interview just give us a heads up so we can ensure we still have time to sit down with you.

What is the atmosphere like?

Every day provides an exciting new opportunity for professional and personal growth.  We promote a positive learning environment geared towards creating future business leaders and owners. An important part of our culture is to create a balance between work and play while striving to reach our goals.